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Content and voice in the age of covid

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has peaked the demand for digital channels and the internet. Companies and consumers are bumping elbows to claim their stake of the pie. From streaming entertainment, to video chats, virtual events, e-commerce platformspersonal blogs, and e-sports, to even rising cybercrime; the need for digital real-estate has grown dire.  

The tangible walls of traditional businesses operations are dissolving to make way for their ethereal and virtual counterparts. Now more than ever, it is in our best interest to remain digitally informed and relevant, and there are positive network effects to tapping into the endless data stream circulating the globe. When more people use the web and digital channels, its capabilities grow; as use cases broaden, innovations rise.  

Content is the token to staying relevant and informed, and to improve the way we interact on all digital platformsThat being said, consumers have started to peel back the layers of stale, repetitive, overly sales-centric messaging in search of deeper meaning and ethos. 

 When it comes to establishing your brand’s voice through content, take a pause before choosing a domain name, before drafting a branded tweet, and before creating yet another video advertisement to think about the intent of your messaging.  

Who is your audience? 

How is your message going to serve your audience?  

Have you established a shared set of values with your audience?  

How does this message align with your values?  

And further, how does your message fit into the bigger picture of the global shifts occurring due to COVID-19? 

Dig deeper still and think about your chosen medium of communication.  

Is your message appropriate for the digital channel you’ve selected? 

How do your audience’s needs change across channels? 

Which types of content work best for your chosen digital channel? 

Many a brand have attempted to push product during this pandemic-turned-economic crisis only to present a tone-deaf and profit driven narrative. Audiences sense the inauthenticity and are seeking brands who go above and beyond pushing online sales. Take a moment to nail down the why behind your business, tie this back to your business goals, and then create content from there. Now is the time to dust off your obsolete employee-targeted brand values decks, reinvent them to be executable, and then put them into action. The future of your business depends on a cohesive, targeted, innovative, and consumer focused digital presence.  

Britanny Grace

Britanny is passionate about helping brands adequately communicate their unique value to potential customers. She is a champion for intuitive design, engaging content, and the right balance of process and innovation.