BRINK Interactive Team 2 min read

Starting the right path toward digital maturity.

Companies that put customer experience at the center have a different way of looking at the world. By thinking through the customer lens, companies are able to meet high expectations by various audiences and segments. But it’s not easy.

Companies like Nike, Toyota, Amazon, Uber, Disney, Apple and Netflix have invested and focused priorities on building a foundation- combining vision and roadmap, customer experience, data, technology, operations and culture. And by doing so are rewarded not just through revenues but by taking over their category and setting a foundation to launch new products, experiences and innovation very quickly.

So what do digitally mature companies look like? How are they different from companies just starting their digital transformation?

Digitally advanced firms:

  1. Grow faster. Digitally advanced firms are 4x more likely than digital beginners to report that they will grow 10% or more this year. They do this in part by reinventing their business models and focusing on customer experiences.
  2. Treat technology as a business asset. Digitally advanced firms spend money on the cloud and on emerging technology. They build digital business platforms. They use agencies, consultancies, and tech service providers to move quickly and to marshal their resources.
  3. Operate differently and efficiently. It’s not just technology. In every dimension of digital maturity — strategy, culture, structure, talent, and technology — digitally advanced firms work differently. They work across departmental boundaries- breaking down silos. Their CEOs lead digital execution, not just strategy.

BRINK has a proven process for measuring digital maturity for our clients then comparing against specific benchmarks. A digital maturity assessment is a great tool to build internal support for your ongoing transformation efforts, but also begin laying the roadmap for what, why and how to proceed based on your tolerance for risk and aspiration for change.